My latest books

The Bulletproof Diet – Dave Asprey
Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha – Romaniello & Bornstein
Think Like A Freak – Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner
The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
4 Hour workweek – Tim Ferriss
4 Hour Body – Tim Ferriss
4 Hour Chef – Tim Ferriss
Surely your joking Mr FeynmanRichard P. Feynman and Ralph Leighton
The Body Electric – Robert Becker and Gary Selden
PEMF The Fifth Element Of Health – Bryant A. Meyers
Rich Food, Poor Food – Mira Calton and Jayson Calton
Deadlift Dynamite – Andy BoltonPavel Tsatsouline 
The Rise of Superman – Steven Kotler

Bulletproof Diet written by Dave Asprey is pretty much a book about becoming a biohacker. Biohacking is you taking control of your own biology with diet, supplements and different technologies. If you are a longtime follower of the blog and forum on the Bulletproof executive site, there is not much news. But you will get it in a compressed format.

Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha a book about loosing weight and gaining muscle. Very well written, talking about the importance of when you eat and not just what you eat.
It also talks about optimising your hormones through food and supplements.
After this book you will be inspired to work out.

Think Like a Freak this is actually the third book from this duo. They also authored Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. I will be reading  them soon. One of the best books i have read. Really makes you think about how to approach a problem. They use examples as far back as king Salomon to rockstar David Lee Roth. If you want to be able to think outside the box, this book is for you.

The Tipping Point Is explaining how some things make it in the market and some dont. How things go viral by the word of mouth. Which elements is crucial for something to spread. They use examples from the shoe brand Hush Puppies and making parallels how viruses spread. A good book if you are interested in marketing.

4 Hour Workweek Tim Ferriss is my go to for accelerated learning, tools, tricks and inspiration. In this book he breaks down starting a business and making the company to run itself without much work from your part. Among other things getting a virtual assistant, tools and tricks he used starting his own first company. Very good book with lots of resources.

4 Hour Body Tim use himself as a guinea pig trying out different protocols for training, reversing injuries and loose weight. His slow carb diet has a great following on the inter webs as he would put it.  Thousand of people lost weight using methods in this book. He uses Paretos law, the 80/20 principle approach finding the minimal effective dose. What 20% can i use to get 80% of the results? Probably the best book on training ever written.

4 Hour Chef this is a book about accelerated learning masquerading as a cookbook. It covers everything and it should, its a 672 pages book. Lots of illustrations and easy to follow recipes. Covers different cooking methods, knife handling and even surviving in the wild. As all of his other books, this one is also very well written.

Surely your Joking Mr Feynman This is a very capturing and amusing book about the life of Richard P Feyman. He was truly a “Jack of al trades”. He was a curious fellow and his interests was many and diversed. Ranging from being on the Manhattan project working on the atom bomb to playing bongo drums on the carneval in Rio de Janeiro. He picked up safe cracking just for sport and that led to many amusing stories in the book. I cant recommend it more highly.

The Body Electric Here you can follow the may experiment of Robert Becker in the field of using electricity to healing the body. They almost managed to replicate the salamanders ability to regenerate limbs through attaching electric nodes on animals. Very interesting book and really makes you think what what the future of medicin will be able to do.

PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health The pemf technology (pulsed electromagnetic fields) was first developed by NASA for astronauts. This book goes through the uses and frequencies that has been proven to be affective. Pemf gained a lot of exposure on Dr Oz for its ability to speed up bone healing. Its a nice book, but could have been half as long. A lot of repeting going on. Still its a good read if you want to learn more on pemf.

Rich Food, Poor Food this is the ultimate shopping guide to avoid bad food and how to read labels of what crap is actually in the pre made food in the stores. It goes though each food group and give you examples of the best and the worst in each section. If you are at all interested in your own health, you need this book.

Deadlift Dynamite written by Andy bolton who is a  6-time world champion and multiple record holder. Don’t let the title fool you, it covers way more then just the deadlift. He also goes into to detail on Bench Press, Squat and supporting lifts for the strength lifts. The progressive programs for increasing your 1RM is the best i have ever seen. The five sets of five reps is something i started using myself after this book. The best overall for strength and muscle with minimal effort. Wanna be strong? Read this one!!

The Rise of Superman this is a book about how to get into “flow”. Many real life examples and stories. Many athletes talk about “being in the zone” which is basically what flow is. This book is intresting for performance in any field that might require flow state. But for me i faded out a lot while listening to it. There is another book on the subject called Flow the Psychology of Optimal Experience – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi that is supposed to be a lot better. I have it, but not read it yet.


My name is Peter Bucht. Computer engineer by day, Biohacker by night. I research health related topics and evaluate biohacking tech/therapies. I am trying to compress the information into easy to use tools for the average person. I want to give you the tools to build your own "Biohackers Toolbox".

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